Securing Your Future: Property Division in Greenville Divorce Cases

The David W. Martin Law Group is aware that resolving the many issues surrounding property division in Greenville divorces calls for a calculated and methodical approach. As seasoned family law professionals serving the Greenville area, we understand how crucial it is to make sure our clients receive a fair and equitable asset division at the end of their divorce. To help those going through this important phase of their divorce process, we hope to clarify the main points of property distribution in Greenville in this blog article.

Property Division in Greenville Divorce Cases

Recognizing South Carolina’s Equitable Distribution:

When it comes to allocating marital property upon a divorce, South Carolina adheres to the equitable distribution principle. Equitable distribution refers to what the court determines to be fair in light of a number of circumstances, not necessarily equal.

Property Types: Marital vs. Non-Marital: The first step is to determine which assets are marital and which are not. Non-marital property can include gifts, inheritances, or assets obtained prior to marriage, but marital property is typically acquired during a marriage and is divided.

Several factors are taken into account by the court when deciding how to divide marital property, including the length of the marriage, each spouse’s contribution to the acquisition of assets, and each spouse’s ability to earn a living.

Real Estate and Other High-Value Assets: Divorce proceedings pose particular difficulties when it comes to properties, companies, and other high-value assets. Due to our team’s vast experience managing intricate property division, these assets will be fairly and thoroughly valued.

Retirement funds and Investments: Long-term financial planning and careful consideration of tax implications are necessary when dividing retirement funds and investments. We collaborate with financial specialists to offer thorough advice in these areas.

Debts and Liabilities: A fair division of the debts and liabilities accumulated during the marriage is another aspect of equitable distribution. It is critical that our clients comprehend the effects of joint debts to ensure their financial security after divorce.

How David W. Martin Law Group Can Assist:

The David W. Martin Law Group’s experienced staff is committed to offering individualized and well-thought-out legal assistance in property division disputes. We walk our clients through the procedure as follows:

Extensive Asset Assessment: We carry out an exhaustive assessment of all marital assets, making no omissions to guarantee a thorough comprehension of the financial environment.

Our attorneys are skilled in both negotiation and mediation, looking for cooperative alternatives to reduce tension and expedite the property division process.

Expertise in Litigation: When litigation is required, our skilled litigators zealously defend the rights of our clients and make a strong argument for equitable distribution in court.

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In Greenville, property division is a crucial component of divorce procedures, and the David W. Martin Law Group is here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with us if you’re divorcing and need knowledgeable legal support to make sure your assets are safeguarded, and your financial future is assured. We are dedicated to offering the expertise and representation required to settle your property partition disputes in a just and equitable manner.


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